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Image Maverick Season 5 Epitaph for a Gambler

Maverick Season 5 Epitaph for a Gambler

Release Date 1962-04-22
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Comedy, Western
Stars Jack Kelly
Directors Roy Huggins, Coles Trapnell, William T. Orr

Maverick is an American Western television series with comedic overtones created by Roy Huggins. The show ran from September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 on ABC and stars James Garner as Bret Maverick, an adroitly articulate cardsharp. Eight episodes into the first season, he was joined by Jack Kelly as his brother Bart, and from that point on, Garner and Kelly alternated leads from week to week, sometimes teaming up for the occasional two-brother episode. The Mavericks were poker players from Texas who traveled all over the American Old West and on Mississippi riverboats, constantly getting into and out of life-threatening trouble of one sort or another, usually involving money, women, or both. They would typically find themselves weighing a financial windfall against a moral dilemma. More often than not, their consciences trumped their wallets since both Mavericks were intensely ethical. When Garner left the series after the third season due to a legal dispute, Roger Moore was added to the cast as their cousin Beau Maverick. Robert Colbert appeared later in the fourth season as a third Maverick brother, Brent Maverick. No more than two of the series leads ever appeared together in the same episode, and usually only one.

1. Dade City Dodge


Bart tries to track down Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5000.

2. The Art Lovers


When investors put the squeeze on railroad owner Paul Sutton, Bart tries to help by dealing with them directly — in a friendly card game.

3. The Golden Fleecing


Bart forsakes the poker table for the stock market — and finds himself trying to bluff wealthy Loftus Jaggers and his glamorous daughter (Paula Raymond).

4. Three Queens Full


Bart must either face two years in jail or chaperone three brides to their intendeds — the sons of wealthy Joe Wheelwright (Jim Backus).

5. A Technical Error


Bart feels like a million when he wins a bank in a poker game. But unlucky Maverick soon learns the truth: the bank's broke — and so is he.

6. Poker Face


Bart's latest poker adventure has him playing for a full house: the lives of his fellow stagecoach passengers.

7. Mr. Muldoon's Partner


After being granted a wish by a ""leprechaun,"" Bart faces a pot of trouble: he must be either jailed, murdered or married.

8. Epitaph for a Gambler


Bart, waiting to collect on a $10,000 IOU, makes an uncomfortable observation: murder may be the pay-off in a gambler's life.

9. The Maverick Report


Crusading newspaper publisher Bart? The publisher Bart won the rag from is assassinated and a corrupt U.S. Senator files a $100,000 libel suit against the Chronicle. Luckily, Bart's pal Doc Holiday is in town for a dentists' convention and owes Bart $2000. When Doc brags "I have enough collateral to raise the dead!", Bart feels no compunction in selling ½ the headache to Doc. The senator and his sinister political boss are Ivy Leaguers, so the suave Philadelphia dentist/hired gun will come in handy.

10. Marshal Maverick


Bart is closer to tears than laughter when he is forced to battle the funniest — and fastest — gun in the West.

11. The Troubled Heir


Life is anything but heaven when Bart meets Pearly Gates and his girl, who steal Maverick's poker winnings — so they can be married.

12. The Money Machine


A money-making machine costs Bart a bundle. His cousin (Kathy Bennett) has just bought one — with the $10,000 he lent her.

13. One of Our Trains is Missing


While trying to get a young girl's romance back on the right track, Bart gets involved in a train robbery to end all train robberies.