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Image The Amanda Show

The Amanda Show

Release Date 2002-09-21
Runtime 23 minutes
Genres Comedy, Kids
Stars Amanda Bynes, Nancy Sullivan, Drake Bell, Raquel Lee, John Kassir
Directors Andrew Hill Newman, Michael Tollin, Dan Schneider, Joe Davola, Brian Robbins

The Amanda Show is an American live action sketch comedy and variety show that aired on Nickelodeon from October 16, 1999 to September 21, 2002. It starred Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, and Nancy Sullivan, along with several performing artists who came and left at different points, such as John Kassir, Raquel Lee, and Josh Peck. The show was a spin-off from All That, in which Bynes had co-starred for several years. The show was unexpectedly cancelled at the end of 2002, according to creator Dan Schneider's blog. Writers for the show included John Hoberg, Steven Molaro, Andrew Hill Newman, and Dan Schneider. Two years after the end of The Amanda Show, Dan Schneider created a new series, called Drake & Josh, featuring Drake Bell, Josh Peck and Nancy Sullivan.

1. Episode 31


OPEN: Audience Mob CLOSE: Blockblister Again ALSO: Drake and Josh's Coup, Ham (The Great New Toy for Boys and Girls), Blockblister Video (Stuart Lipple/F-Men), The Dare Show II, Hillbilly Moment (Pink Toilet), Penelope Middle (Penelope Hounds Barney), Totally Kyle (Dream)

2. Episode 32


Penelope plots a new hare-brained scheme to meet Amanda. Amanda's show opening interrupted by a french painter who is painting a picture of Amanda. There's an advert for My Beautful Big Toe and it's Amber's Birthday in The Girls' Room. There's just enough time for a visit to Moody's Point before the show goes to a complete stop. All this plus a man who is covered in bubble bath, thinking the stage is his bathroom!

3. Episode 33


Amanda and Drake leave their costumes in their dressing rooms, but luckily Nancy has an invention called the Costumatic 5000. The Amanda Show comes off with a bad start when they geta fly in the studio. We stop at a commercial for Sumo and Judge Trudy is giving out more unfair punishments. Also: Cindy Extreme recieves her report card, there's a hillbilly moment featuring a computer moniter, Penelope's therapest turns into an Amanda fanatic, ""Sally Poofendoff"" calls Mr. Oldman, there's another hillbilly moment featuring a cactus branch, Kyle talks about his grandpa, and Amanda gives Drake a football but is chased by a football team.

4. Episode 34


OPENING: Penelope uses truth gas on Drake and Josh but it actually makes them tell about their lives instead of telling Penelope where Amanda is. AMANDA: Amanda forgets her opening joke. COMMERCIAL: Snap, Crackle, KABOOM! (WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK SIGN: Shows Amanda doing a dance infront of her house) CINTHIA WORTHINGTON AMANDA'S JACUZZI: A Professional Wrestler gets interviewed THE LUCKLESSES: The family goes to baseball game HILLBILLY MOMENT: Eenis gets hit upon the head with a head (WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK SIGN: Shows Amanda doing a hawaiian dance) PENELOPE MIDDLE: Penelope and her brother Preston try to phone Amanda on a 40 foot pole (They get France, South Dakota, and finally Amanda's Dressing Room). But when they reach Amanda, the wires explode. CALLING MR.OLDMAN: ""Sally Poofenduff"" calls Mr.Oldman about squirting whipped cream in his mouth and calls him Uncle Nipsy. CLOSING: 3 big blokes try to get Amanda to eat clams.

5. Episode 35


Amanda read Josh's horoscope and Drake got grabbed by sailors, stuffed into a blue garbage can, hickered at, hit with a lamp, and comes out wearing a pink dress. Amanda's opening got bad when her lower body disappeared. There was an advertisment for The Grown-Up Remote. We're back in time for a serious documentary titled ""When Hula Girls Attack"", King Henry VIII stoped by Amanda's Jacuzzi, and there's a sketch that I call ""The Fridgers"". Penelope forced Barney to tell where Amanda wass and if he didn't want to, Penelope will eat his shrimp cocktail Kathy delivered him. Amanda was closing the show when the director told her there was a speck of dirt on the camera. Amanda tried to get it off but she couldn't. Then Drake came along and he tried to get it off and it still wouldn't come off. Then Nancy came and had a hammer and chiesel and tried to get it off. But it wouldn't. And the three of them were crowded around 1 camera. Then Barney came, and asked what they were looking

6. Episode 36


Penelope makes this instant message machine for a chance to meet Amanda. Amanda's opening turns into a game show because two blokes think the show is a game show. We stop at a commercial for Super Red Hots, a fun candy. There's time for another edition of The Dare Show. Someone from Boston, Illinois wants Sharon to eat some of Toby's hair. Someone from San Francisco, Tennesee played by Josh wants Toby to wear a bra and stuff it with macaroni and cheese. Someone from Nashville, Ireland wants Sharon to slack peanut butter and marshmallows all over her hair. And finally, someone from Minneapolis, Massachusetts wants Sharon and Toby's mom to lick the camera lenses. There's a Hillbilly Moment featuring a cement block. The Queen of England gets interviewed at Amanda's Jacuzzi and Kyle talks about getting gum on his shoe. The show ends with the cast members crowding around the camera trying to get a speck off the lenses.

7. Episode 37


Amanda tries to disarm a robot, but instead she accidentally presses the "Kill Drake" button. Judge Trudy returns, with a different bailiff. Eenis and his family share more "knock-knock" jokes in a Hillbilly Moment. And, Kyle explains yet another day in the life of him in Totally Kyle. Penelope ends up challenging Amanda's new Karate instructor. But will she win?

8. Episode 38


Penelope hypnotizes Drake & Josh so they can tell her where Amanda is, but it backfires. We meet the Lucklesses, an unfortunate, and unlucky family. King Henry VIII splashes into Amanda's Jacuzzi to talk and also, to get some spaghetti. Time for a prank call to Mr. Oldman, whilst Eenis and Lula-Mae have fun in yet another Hillbilly Moment.

9. Episode 39


Amanda loses the lower half of her body, so Kathy decides to go find it, because Amanda doesn't have legs. A Grown Up Remote is advertised. We get a glimpse of Hawaii gone bad in When Hula-Girls Attack. Who will be the next special guest to soak up the bubbles in Amanda's Jacuzzi? We also meet The Impostors, a family who have trouble telling the truth of their identity. Time for another Hillbilly Moment with Eenis and Lula-Mae. Then, another encounter with Penelope Taint and the security guard, fighting over a piece of shrimp. The shrimp slips away, where Drake and Josh battle over one piece of shrimp. And now, we have time for just one last prank call to Mr. Oldman.

10. Episode 40


Nancy introduces Amanda and Drake to the "Costumatic 5000", a machine that gets you dressed quickly, but she has some trouble operating the machine. Amanda's show opening is interrupted by a fly swarming around the stage. There's an advertisement for "Why Not Sumo?", followed by more respect for kids on Judge Trudy. We also visit the Extremes, a family who takes everything to the extreme. There's time for a Hillbilly Moment and we also see Penelope visiting a psychologist. More prank calls to Mr. Oldman, another Hillbilly Moment and more "interesting" topics with Totally Kyle. To end the show, Drake gets chased by 3 huge football players searching for their football.