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Image Love in 40 Days

Love in 40 Days

Release Date 2022-07-01
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte, Mylene Dizon, Janice de Belen, Lotlot De Leon
Directors Emmanuel Palo

After getting involved in a fatal car crash, a competitive career woman arrives in an uncanny purgatory. While settling her unfinished businesses as a lingering spirit, she meets and finds her soulmate in a rebellious scion with a third eye.

1. Not Your Plain Jane


Competitive Jane receives a prestigious award from her company, but her euphoria is cut short by an unexpected breakup. To worsen the situation, she gets a threatening letter from an anonymous sender.

2. Meet Edward


Jane gets into a heated argument with Alice and Monmon on her birthday, only for it to turn out as an eye-opener. Not wanting to give up on his dreams, Edward thinks of a way to support his band's future.

3. Welcome to the Evergreen Mansion


Jane storms out of the Evergreen Mansion after its staff failed to meet her many demands. Still unaware of the tragic fate she suffered, Jane decides to go home. Edward, along with his bandmates, inspects an abandoned house for his business venture.

4. The Life After Life


Jane learns that she is left with 40 days to bid farewell to her loved ones. Amid his constant competition with Eileen for their parents’ attention, Edward pushes through with his business plan, inciting unrest among the Evergreen Mansion's staff.

5. Two Worlds Become One


Thinking that she is finally ready, Jane attempts to cross over to the afterlife. However, an unfinished business prevents her from departing the world of the living. Jane throws a fit, leading to an unexpected reunion with a familiar face.

6. The Haunt Begins


Jane learns why Edward sees her yet fails to see the beauty of the place they are in. The staff of Evergreen Mansion tries using their powers in a bid to protect their sanctuary.

7. Reversed Play Dead


Edward remains adamant about constructing his resto-bar in the abandoned house despite the spooky stuff his friends are noticing. Jane reaches a deal with Patricio after coming up with a way to protect Evergreen Mansion.

8. Cold Body vs. Cold Heart


Jane pretends to be a real estate broker as she tries convincing Edward to abort his business plans. Soon, the desperate ghost learns about the motivation behind the musician’s unwavering resolve to reach his dreams.

9. Jane's Heart Beats Again


Jane begins to see Edward in a new light as she slowly learns about his dreams and family issues. Because of this, the wandering spirit comes up with a plan to gain the rebellious scion's favor.

10. A Date with the Dead


Marco remains adamant in protecting his secret. Despite Diana's reservation to Jane's plan, the ghosts of Evergreen Mansion offer their help as the former insurance agent goes on a date with Edward.

11. The Ensemble Act


Enraged by pain and jealousy, Valerie decides to end her relationship with Edward. Jane, on the other hand, sees the breakup as a good opportunity to accomplish her mission.

12. Lifeline Band


Jane grows worried as Edward inches closer to converting Evergreen Mansion into a bar. Soon, the aspiring musician gets floored upon experiencing eerie occurrences at Mr. Tiu’s wake.

13. Fearsome Encounters


After helping Mr. Tiu, Edward begins having fearsome encounters with restless souls. Convinced by Jane that these are all hallucinations, Edward commits a costly mistake. The Evergreen Mansion staff notices Jane's growing fondness for the musician.

14. The Great Pretender


Jane helps Edward resolve his conflict with his parents, only to find herself at wit's end as he continues to reject her demand. Things take a turn for the worse when her newfound friend meets Valerie's broker.

15. Unwanted


Jane is left with no choice but to come clean to Edward about her real identity and intentions. Despite her nephew's hesitation, Berta tries to reunite Monmon with his estranged father.

16. Rest In Peace?


Jane and the staff of Evergreen Mansion race against time as they pull out all the stops to prevent the psychic from expelling them. Valerie comes up with a sinister plan to derail the opening of Edward’s bar.

17. Jump Scare


Just when they thought that they had finally expelled the persistent ghosts, Edward and his friends excitedly prepare for Lifeline Bar’s soft opening. However, the band's first performance is cut short by hair-raising occurrences.

18. Bitter Reunion


Jane wallows in bitterness and anger upon confirming that Jessie still does not care about her and Sylvia. Ofelia finds herself on the receiving end of Andrea's anger after Eileen revealed Edward's secret.

19. Disbanded


When her attempt to cross over to the afterlife fails anew, Jane agrees with Patricio's suggestion on what needs to be done. The troubled spirit soon witnesses Valerie's desperate effort to win Edward back.

20. The More You Hate…


Despite their differences and constant bickering, a worried Jane pays Edward a visit, only to walk in on him in a compromising situation. Meanwhile, Alice and Robbie start investigating a case that Jane used to handle before she passed away.

21. Bar Turned Horror House


Celine and Brock get into a heated argument as they continue to blame each other for their untimely demise. The Evergreen Mansion staff’s plan to sabotage Edward’s gig backfires when their antics work in Lifeline Bar’s favor.

22. The Bargain


Ofelia is taken aback upon the sudden arrival of a person from her past. Needing the ghosts' help in his future gigs, Edward attempts to negotiate with Patricio.

23. Hotheaded, Warmhearted


Valerie tries to make up with her beloved, only to be confronted for sabotaging Lifeline Bar. Edward and his friends play their hearts out after Patricio agreed to cooperate with their gimmick in exchange for helping Jane.

24. Truce


25. The Link


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