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Image Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High

Release Date 1999-11-29
Runtime 50 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Callan Mulvey, Putu Winchester
Directors Ben Gannon, Todd Hunter

The ins and outs of the classroom lives of a group of students who attend the fictional Hartley High School in Sydney.

1. Episode 171


A new student arrives at hartly and it becomes apparent that shes a troublemaker when she takes Drazic for a ride in a stolen car

2. Episode 172


A graffiti artist is on the loose in the school and Di is not impressed. Only Draz knows the true identity of the culprit and he's in full support of her artistic expression.

3. Episode 173


In an attempt to boost the Shark Pool's takings and help pay off his debts, D'espo invests in a foosball table and plays host to a mini World Cup.

4. Episode 174


Anita is worried about Drazic's involvement with Jet but love is blind and Draz is smitten. Jet resents Anita's interference and warns her to stay away from Draz.

5. Episode 175


Thania succeeds in baiting Sarah when she challenges her religious beliefs.

6. Episode 176


The antagonism between Sarah and Thania escalates when Ryan becomes the model for Thania's life drawing assignment - make that nude model.

7. Episode 177


Anita becomes concerned when she finds out that a lot of seniors at Hartley are relying on over-the counter drugs to get them through their stressful final year.

8. Episode 178


Sarah has all the classic symptoms of morning sickness and confirms her greatest fear - she's pregnant. Sarah is undecided about what she is going to do, but if there's one thing she doesn't want, it's Ryan's involvement.

9. Episode 179


Sarah offers to baby-sit the kids at her mothers' class so all the mums can have a night out, and is annoyed when Ryan turns up with a gift for the baby, trying to push his way back into her life.

10. Episode 180


Ryan tries out for the combined high school cricket team but is put off his game when a team member sledges him.

11. Episode 181


End of year Muck Up is upon us and it threatens to be the Muck Up to end all. Di warns the kids not to take it too far and bans Draz from participating.

12. Episode 182


Lee is deeply hurt by Nat's affair with Isobel but now that it's out in the open, he hopes there is a chance that his folks will be able to sort it out and life will resume as normal.

13. Episode 183


Nat and Jill's break up takes one step further as they fight over who gets what. Lee gets caught in the middle, angry at both his parents for their self-centred behaviour.

14. Episode 184


Ryan has lined up a classy venue for the end of year formal but his plans fall through and he finds himself on D'espo's doorstep, begging for ideas.

15. Episode 185


Friendship is tested when Sarah and Anita apply for the same job as receptionist at a local marketing firm.

16. Episode 186


Ryan gets a job at a cricket pavillion and meets a legend.Kurt and Thania get together.Dennis fails his exams, so does Anita and Drazic. Kurt leaves to go to Townsville and Ryan leaves to go on tour with the legends of cricket.The crew all say goodbye to each other and Di Barnett tells them she is leaving to teach another school and Draz jumps for joy, but later says goodbye.

17. Episode 187


Carson, the new school principal, has arrived at Hartley and he's full of new rules. The first of which is no kissing in the school yard, soon followed by the segregation of boys and girls in the classroom.

18. Episode 188


Thanks to Undercurrent reporter Katherine Baker, Draz has lined up an interview for a job at a classy hotel.

19. Episode 189


Zac's old man, Owen, is working him pretty hard at his stone masonry workshop. As far as Owen is concerned, keeping the family business afloat is more important than going to school.

20. Episode 190


Zac's trying his hardest to give the stone masonry a go but his heart's not in it. When he can't take it anymore, Zac tells his father he's going back to school.

21. Episode 191


Anita brakes up with Drazic and goes out with Todd Gillespie.Draz smashes up the classroom.

22. Episode 192


Despo opens a new cafe in the school grounds called La Dolce Vita.Dennis starts dating fat girl Sophie.

23. Episode 193


Thania gives Drazic a pet piggy to cheer him up.Zac and Gem kiss behind lees back.

24. Episode 194


A new student who is deaf gets a hard time from the students.Lee askes Zac to leave the Delaines.Marc accuses Draz of staeling from the poor and draz says he is the poor.

25. Episode 195


Clare Grant,an exchange student from London,starts at heartly.Zac moves into the shed with draz and thania.Marc has a crush on miss Kasis.

26. Episode 196


Marc and jackie get close.

27. Episode 197


Marc's interest in Jackie has grown and he's starting to look at her as more than just his teacher. He uses their private tutorials to try to get to know Jackie on a more personal level.

28. Episode 198


Jill Delaine stars work as the new school secretary.Marc and thania fall out but make up whan they have to look for two old heartly students as a project.

29. Episode 199


Lee is bullied by his friends and soon he is on the school roof... Draz has a party to celebrate the end of his probation.

30. Episode 200


Drazics dad turns up and does not get a good welacome from his son.A new student arrives and is dressed as a goth.

31. Episode 201


Drazic and his Dad make up after Draz helps him at the garage however tragedy strikes when Dragon collapses and dies.

32. Episode 202


Drazic confronts his father when the rent money for the shack disappears. His father's frank admission only confirms Drazic's belief that he doesn't want his father in his life.

33. Episode 203


Thania circulates a petition in hopes of combating government cuts to public education. Her fellow students don't share her enthusiasm.

34. Episode 204


Draz has inherited his father's auto repair business and is stoked when he learns it could sell for a hundred grand.

35. Episode 205


Draz is determined to fill his dad's shoes in the running of the business and spends every spare moment he has working to get everything done

36. Episode 206


Marc and Drazic are suspicious when they notice a guy taking photographs of them from the school gates.

37. Episode 207


Carson is appalled when half the class fails to hand in its assignments because watching television took priority over doing the homework.

38. Episode 208


Gem starts a rumour that Miss Kassis is involved with one of her students and guides Thania towards making the conclusion that Marc is that student.

39. Episode 209


Gem lies about marc assaualting her in the cupboard.Draz is arrested by Gillespie but thinks its a set up

40. Episode 210 (Show finale)


Drazic is put under pressure to take the rap for the stolen car parts.Anita asks Gillespie to do her a favour and help Drazic.Draz decides to tell the police the truth and is put in the clear.After realising what Anita means to him he asks her to marry him and he accepts.They invite the whole school,even the princple Alan Carson!!