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Image Lost in the Garden of the World

Lost in the Garden of the World

Release Date 1975-06-02
Runtime 57 minutes
Genres Documentary
Stars Michael Heath, Paul Bartel, Tobe Hooper, Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog
Directors John O'Shea, Tony Williams, Tony Williams, Susy Pointon, Michael Hardcastle

Cannes is the town in France where Bergman meets bikinis, and the art of filmmaking meets the art of the deal. In 1975, a group of expat Kiwis managed to score interviews with some of the festival's emerging talents, indulging their own cinematic dreams in the process. Werner Herzog waxes lyrical on the trials and scars of directing; a boyish Steven Spielberg recalls the challenges of framing shots during Jaws; Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman talk a gallon.